Walnut Creek

Incorporated as the eighth city in Contra Costa County in 1914, Walnut Creek...

Welcome to Walnut Creek

A community born in the humble 1800’s turned East Bay destination city.

Incorporated as the eighth city in Contra Costa County in 1914, Walnut Creek, got its name from “Arroyo de las Nueces”, the Spanish name given for the waterway that runs through the area, and you got it...prolific walnut trees. Through 100+ years of development, it has flourished as one of the best locations in East Bay.
A proud community, there truly is something for everyone. Downtown, nightlife, hiking trails and Mount Diablo, arts, entertainment, and some of the best dining in the Bay Area. It all awaits you amidst a well run community with top-rated schools and friendly locals.

The Neighbors

Young Professionals, Families, and many who work in the tech arena of San Francisco who decide to plant suburban roots.
Aggressively developed in the late 60s and 70s, Walnut Creek today, has become a haven for many professionals that commute to Oakland and San Francisco.

What to Expect

A safe, clean, well-funded community with ties to the best dining, schools, shopping and arts/entertainment, all at the base of Mount Diablo.
Flat property lots, a thriving destination-downtown, hot summers and mild winters.

The Lifestyle

Suburbia at its finest. From a stroll in the park, to dropping kids off at soccer practice, to meeting with a client at Ruth’s Chris, grabbing drinks, or doing some last minute shopping, it’s all within reach.

What Not to Expect

Quick commutes to San Francisco/South Bay and snobby attitudes.

The Market

Affordable, spacious suburban homes amidst the pricier Diablo Valley and Lamorinda areas, many with sprawling lots and spacious interiors.
Year over year, Walnut Creek ranks at one of the more affordable luxury markets in East Bay. There is a wide breadth of neighborhood diversity and selection, allowing buyers an assortment of options when it comes to settling down.

You'll Fall In Love With

Downtown Walnut Creek. Whether it’s shopping at Broadway Plaza, grabbing a bite at an award winning restaurant, or catching a show, there’s something for everyone.
While many consider Walnut Creek to be an upscale and affluent community, which it is far from pretentious. The vibe is more humble than one might expect, given the hard working professionals who strive to keep our city one of the best in the Bay Area.