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The most up-to-date and comprehensive analysis of San Francisco home prices, values, conditions and trends of the San Francisco Bay Area residential real estate market.

February 2021. Sales volume surged very dramatically at the end of 2020, which continued into the first month of the new year.

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San Francisco Neighborhood Home Price Map

2020 Median home sales prices: San Francisco city real estate map with all 70-odd different neighborhoods, from the Marina to the Sunset district, Noe Valley to North Beach, the Richmond district to SoMa

Diablo Valley Real Estate as 2021 Begins

Lamorinda Real Estate - 2021 Market Begins

February 2021. Home prices, market conditions and trends in Lafayette, Moraga and Orinda.

Sonoma County Real Estate - 2021 Market Begins

February 2021.  Sonoma County home prices, market trends and conditions

Tri-Valley & South Alameda County Real Estate

February 2021. Real estate market analyses for Castro Valley, Dublin, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Ramon, Fremont, Hayward, Union City, Newark and San Leandro: home prices, appreciation rates, supply and demand statistics, luxury home sales & market conditions, dynamics and trends. 

Stanford Circle" Real Estate - 2021 Market Begins

February 2021. Selected angles on the markets of the 7 very expensive communities on either side of the Santa Clara/San Mateo County line circling Stanford University: Palo Alto, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Woodside, Portola Valley, Atherton, Menlo Park

Napa County Real Estate - 2021 Begins

February 2021. Napa County home prices, market trends and conditions, luxury home sales. Market activity began its typical season decline in November.

Carmel Region & Monterey County Real Estate

February 2021. Home prices, market trends and conditions.

North Contra Costa County Real Estate

February 2021. Reviewing the home prices, market trends and conditions of the Bay Area cities of northern Contra Costa County.

Santa Cruz County Real Estate

February 2021. Santa Cruz County home prices, market conditions and trends.

2020 Bay Area Real Estate Markets Survey

A wide-ranging review of San Francisco Bay Area real estate markets: home prices, appreciation rates, market statistics, and underlying economic and demographic factors.  

2020 East Bay Home Prices

A table of 2020 median house values for Alameda & Contra Costa Counties.

Demographic Snapshots of the San Francisco Bay Area

December 2020. New U.S. Census American Community Survey data was just published in early December, which we've used as an excuse to compile a wide variety of statistical snapshots from many different data sources.  Which we hope you will find interesting.

SF Multi-Family Residential Market in 2020

January 2021. The market remains challenged by the multiple negatives caused by the pandemic, but values remain relatively stable and transactions continue to be made. 5+ unit residential investment/ multi-unit apartment building/ residential income real estate markets in San Francisco:  inventory, sales, prices, dollar per square foot values, cap rates, price per unit, rent statistics, appreciation rates, economic and demographic factors. 

San Francisco 2-4 Unit Multi-Family Market in 2020

San Francisco 2-4 Unit Multi-Family Market in 2020

Bay Area 2020 Market Summaries by County

Year-over-year market Bay Area real estate prices, statistics and indicator comparisons for the last 4-5 years through 2020.

California Population Migration Trends

December 2020. Much has been in the news regarding residents moving out of San Francisco, the Bay Area and the state in recent years, and particularly since the pandemic struck. These charts look at some of the most recent state data available. 

SF Bay Area Housing Affordability - Q3 2020

November 2020. Due to increased median home prices, housing affordability declined year-over-year in most Bay Area Counties in Q3 2020, though San Francisco and Sonoma Counties saw very small gains. 

Comparing Bay Area Real Estate Markets

Percentage of listings accepting offers measures buyer demand as compared to the supply of listings on the market.

San Francisco Housing Inventory & New Construction

August 2020. Data on the make up of SF housing and home sales by property type, annual figures on new housing construction, affordable housing and more

Foreign Homebuying in the U.S.

August 2020. A review of various, estimated statistics published in the new report by the National Association of Realtors, pertaining to the volume and details of the purchase of homes by foreign resident and non-resident buyers.

San Francisco Neighborhood Map

All 70-odd named neighborhoods in the city of San Francisco, as well as the 10 Realtor Districts

Bay Area Real Estate Market - Rebounding from COVID-19

June 2020. The Covid-19 pandemic has had a dramatic impact on the supply and demand dynamics of Bay Area real estate markets, but activity has been bouncing back up dramatically, especially in the higher price segment.

Contra Costa County & the Coronavirus

May 2020. Effects of the coronavirus on the supply and demand dynamics of the Contra Costa County real estate market

SF Bay Area Home Price Map - 2020 Sales

Updated January 2021. Median House Sales Prices around the San Francisco Bay Area, based on 12 months MLS sales reported in 2020

What Comes Next - Predicting the Future

Predicting what's coming for real estate markets, the economy, society, the Bay Area and the world

30+ Years of Bay Area Real Estate Cycles - Compass

Booms, bubbles, adjustments - sometimes crashes - recessions and recoveries. Cycles in real estate and financial markets re-occur over and over again, but are very difficult to predict with any accuracy.

Positive & Negative Factors in Bay Area Real Estate

January 2020. Social, economic and political factors that impact or may affect San Francisco & Bay Area real estate markets, in positive or negative ways, now or in the foreseeable future.

Seasonality & Real Estate Markets - Compass

The ebb and flow of the supply of listings on the market and buyer demand in real estate markets is typically very seasonal in nature, something worth considering whether buying or selling.

Bay Area Real Estate Cycles -Condensed Version

Financial and real estate market cycles - recessions, recoveries, booms, bubbles, crashes - have been around for hundreds of years, and though each cycle is different in scale of magnitude, in length and the events that act as triggers, they also have many similarities as they play out, over and over again.

The Context, Use & Misuse of Real Estate Statistics

Statistics can be an enormously valuable tool for assessing the conditions and trends in the real estate market. However, they are also among the most misused, misquoted and misunderstood "facts" we are bombarded with.

Will the Last One Leaving Please Turn Out the Lights?

In recent months, media such as the N.Y. Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider and Marketwatch have published headlines and stories regarding the outbound migration of Bay Area residents as indications of an accelerating decline. We believe most of the data these articles used to be unreliable, misused or improperly represented.

San Francisco & Bay Area Demographics

Ancestry, age, income, language, education, religion, employment, politics, crime, migration, commuting, population growth, migration patterns ... 

San Francisco Real Estate Analytics

SF Neighborhood Home Price Appreciation Trends

Is Now a Good Time to Buy a San Francisco Home?

Buying a home is a very large, complex and often emotional financial transaction. Here are some questions to ask as you consider purchasing a home in San Francisco.

San Francisco Home Sales Breakdown by Neighborhood

San Francisco Bay Area Demographics

Tips for San Francisco Home Sellers

Tips for San Francisco Home Buyers

How to hire the best agent, negotiate the best deal, get your home loan, hold title, inspect the home you buy. What are typical closing costs and property taxes, and how does escrow work?

Real Estate Negotiation Principles for Buyers & Sellers

How to negotiate when buying or selling real estate: basic rules.

SF Real Estate Closing Costs & Property Taxes

What are the typical buyer and seller closing costs pertinent to the purchase and sale of real estate in San Francisco? And how do annual property taxes and transfer taxes due on sale work?

What Costs How Much Where is San Francisco

A breakdown of recent home sales by price segment in the many San Francisco districts and neighborhoods: A guide to where you are most likely to find a home in the price range you wish to spend.

Ten Factors Behind the San Francisco Market

Economic, social and demographic factors behind the real estate market in San Francisco (and to some degree, the greater Bay Area): supply & demand, population, hiring, wealth creation, and demographic shifts.

Renting vs. Buying a Home in San Francisco

This rent vs. buy calculation compares buying a San Francisco 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo at the current median sales price with the cost of renting a comparable SF apartment at the current median asking rent. March 2017 data used in calculation.

Gold, Google & San Francisco Real Estate

A comprehensive review of the San Francisco market in 2016, including a comparison of the appreciation rates of gold, Google & Facebook stock, and San Francisco real estate in recent years.

Preparing & Staging Your Home for Sale

What might you consider to increase the value of your home prior to going on market? Preparing your home for sale can run from cleaning and painting to a full staging. Here are some things to consider.

The Pros & Cons of So-Called "Pocket" (off-MLS) Listings

Whether you market your home through the multiple listing service (MLS) or go the pocket listing route can make a significant difference in the outcome of your home sale. Here are some issues to consider.

Home Inspections - Buyer Due Diligence

A vitally important part of buying a home is investigating its conditions and circumstances through the use of highly qualified professionals.

Interviewing a Real Estate Agent

The agent who represents you in the purchase or sale of real estate can make an enormous difference in the outcome.

Making an Offer on the Home You Wish to Buy

There is an art to preparing a successful offer.

Hiring a Good Buyer's Agent

What should you expect from the agent you use to help you and represent you in the purchase of a new home?

Obtaining a Home Loan

Basic steps to obtaining a new loan for your home purchase.

The Home Selling Process

An outline of the steps typically necessary for the successful sale of one's home

How to Hire a Listing Agent to Sell Your Home

Characteristics to look for and questions to ask when hiring a listing agent - who can make an enormous difference in the outcome of the sale of your home.

Home Buying Process - Step by Step

What are the steps involved when buying a home in San Francisco?

Glossary of Real Estate Terms

Definitions of terms common to real estate transactions.

Advantages to Sellers of Pre-Sale Inspection Reports

Though it is customary for buyers to pay for inspection reports after their offers have been accepted, there are substantial financial, transactional and liability-limiting reasons for sellers to order pre-sale inspection reports to supply to interested buyers.

How Does the Escrow Process Work?

Until you buy your first home, you may have no idea what the term escrow even means.

Definitions of Common Real Estate Statistics

Defining some of the common statistics often quoted in the media and in Paragon market reports.

San Francisco Case-Shiller Index Deciphered

An overview of how the S&P Case-Shiller Home Price Index applies to the San Francisco 5-county metro area and to the city of San Francisco itself.   [Click on the blog post title for the full report with detailed charts.]

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